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Fountain Energy is a creative ‘Think Tank’ marketing solution boutique company. We provide analytical capabilities and access to the right type of finance allowing you to prosper and grow by increasing bottom line profit due to increasing electrical & VR advantages while reducing overhead costs..

Fountain Energy GmbH was formed in September 2016. It is the off-spring of Fountain Capital AG that was for many decades a leading Swiss based ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’ boutique company. Closing over 220 deals globally many of which were in the Bio Mass- Solar and Garbage Incineration sectors initiated an affinity with renewable energy applications.

Hans Christian Beltermann established a strong and loyal network of happy clients who today are seeking solutions that enable them to forge ahead profitably. Fountain Energy GmbH offers unbiased professional guidance

Our Management Team



Hans Christian Beltermann

Founder & CEO

As early as 1992 H. Christian Beltermann created a new platform for marketing renewable energy products and services in the fields of Solar, Incineration, Water Irrigation and Waste to Energy systems.

The deal flow is attracted by H. Christian Beltermann’s connections and extensive network with government’s, industrial groups, equity firms, financial institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals. He identifies market opportunities and facilitates strategic alliances.

This platform provides the basis for advisory services as well as fuelling the demand from investors for quality products. Thus H. Christian Beltermann is able to add value by fully leveraging his international role. He approaches business solutions creatively and with high integrity.

H. Christian Beltermann is an analytical and strategic thinker, focused on results. HIs self-motivation persistency and persuasive communication makes him an experienced and skilled negotiator.

Claude Begle

Strategy Advisor

Member of the Swiss Parliament – Profound knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur and an executive in the sustainable sectors of energy and water.

Has held high level executive posts with Deutsche Post- DHL-Nestle-Cleantech Switzerland.

Currently CEO of Symbio Swiss.

Nicole Petschek

Marketing and Client Liaison support

She is a licensed and qualified corporate coach with a multilingual background experience in personal motivation and productivity, team strategies and corporate psychology.

Leon Quah

Project Management & Financial Planning

Leo is highly experienced in ‘Project Management’ & ‘Financial Planning’ predominantly in the manufacturing and service industry sectors. Leo’s exposure to multi national cultures and business requirements enables him to assist in the preparation of our customers business plans.